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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tough talk in Dover


Pay up or else. That's the tough talk from the tax folks in Dover. Whether they'll carry through with the crackdown remains to be seen.

The town is threatening to seize $13,667,200 worth of property unless back taxes on the parcels are paid by Nov. 24. The taxes went unpaid in fiscal year 2006 on 15 parcels of property, and amount to $50,622.

The delinquent owners must pay their bill by 3 p.m. Friday if they wish to keep their property. according to Karen Jelloe, treasurer and tax collector. Some of the properties are worth more than $1 million a piece, according to assessor's records, with the most valuable being a $3.2 million parcel at 133 Claybrook Road.

The town plans to sell the foreclosed properties in the future, though this could take up to a year because of legal considerations, according to Jelloe.

-- Kyle Alspach

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