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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Deer hunting station seen too close to playground


And you thought "Bambi" was traumatic.

Upton Police Chief Thomas Stockwell and town officials lashed out at state wildlife officials yesterday over a check-in station for slain deer located next to a town playground filled with children.

The station, which monitors the region's deer hunt, weighed and probed 30 cervine corpses, some 20 to 30 feet from the playground. "There was a pool of blood in the parking lot," Stockwell said in a Globe story today. "When I voiced my concern that it really wasn't an appropriate place to be, the response I got -- which I thought was a little disturbing -- was 'that's your opinion, and we're going to stay.' "

Stockwell acknowledged yesterday that police received one complaint about the location of the check-in station but felt strongly enough to go there and talk to state biologists himself on the first day of the state's two-week shotgun hunting season. An official at the town selectmen's office said he received several inquiries about the check-in station.

"We certainly don't want to have that in front of an area where young children are going to play," said Joan E. Shanahan , chairwoman of the town's Board of Selectmen. "This is a rural community and the state forest is only up the road. They certainly could have the station there. It could traumatize the children. This is not the place for it to be done."

-- Mac Daniel

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