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Monday, November 6, 2006

Bad guys? Or just bad robbers ...


If you are considering robbing a bank, here are two no-nos, learned the hard way by two different suspects in separate Newton bank robberies:

1) Don’t dress in hot-pink pants and matching top.

2) If you botch a heist, take the afternoon off. It's not your day.

Robert Barry of Brighton was wearing a hot-pink women’s outfit when he was arrested in late September. Police picked him up in connection with a bank robbery earlier in the day in Norwell, where the male suspect also wore clothes fitting that description, Norwell Police Chief Ted Ross said.

Incidentally, Barry, 42, is also a suspect in a Sept. 18 robbery at Newton’s Citizens Bank at 300 Washington St, a heist in which he allegedly sported more conventional male thief couture: khakis and a white shirt, police said. Barry is now in federal custody for allegedly violating conditions of release from jail, a spokesman from the US attorney’s office said last week.

Then there was Joseph Ridge, 43, of Falmouth, who is accused of trying to rob the Village Bank at 307 Auburn St. in Newton on Sept. 13.

Ridge allegedly threatened to blow it up if he didn’t get his money, police said. He allegedly fled when the teller informed him she did not have the denominations of bills he demanded.

Approximately 20 minutes later, police said, Ridge allegedly robbed the Norwood Co-op Bank. Ridge got as far as Bourne, where he was arrested. He is currently being held Barnstable County House of Correction, the Barnstable County sheriff’s office said.

-- Connie Paige

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