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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Housing development to be apartments, not condos


Selectmen approved a change to a proposed 40B housing development on Nov. 13, allowing Al Pace Jr. to turn the Messenger Street development into apartments.

The project had previously been approved as condominiums. Six of the apartments will meet state criteria for affordable housing, but the town will be able to count all of the units as part of its affordable housing stock. Under state guidelines, 100 percent of units in 40B rental developments count towar its affordable housing numbers.

In ownership developments, only the affordable units count toward the numbers.

Town Administrator Joseph Fernandes said that town officials are hoping that the Messenger Street development, along with another 40B development called Edgewood Apartments, will help the town quickly reach a threshold of 10 percent affordable housing.

Until that threshold is reached, the state can overrule the town if it rejects developments that inckude affordable housing.

-- Calvin Hennick

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