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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Swimming for sofas


The recent fall cleanup around Lake Whitehall went swimmingly – pun very much intended.

About 40 volunteers gathered more than 1,200 pounds of trash, according to Ken Johnson, cofounder of the Friends of Lake Whitehall and the organizer of the cleanup.

But a few volunteers spent a little more time in the water than expected, he said, when they found a leather couch in about four feet of water, which had to be towed out by rowboat. “We had to wear wetsuits,” said Johnson.

“It was quite a daunting task.” This was the fourth cleanup in two years. Taken all together the cleanups have netted more than 13,000 pounds of trash taken from the lake.

This year, volunteers also retrieved tires and wheels, bedsprings, and a big concrete block. But “a couch is really over the top,” said Johnson.

-–Lisa Kocian


(Hauling in the catch)

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