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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Solution proposed for Upton development dispute


Pulte Homes is proposing a solution to the company's dispute with selectmen over sewer connection fees.

The town wants the developer to pay $277,000 in sewer connection fees for its 150-unit Noble Vista development.

Pulte Homes is considering paying the additional money, if selectmen agree to reduce an equivalent amount of other payments to the town, said Reid Blute, vice president of land acquisition at Pulte.

For example, one condition of the construction permits called for Pulte to pay $75,000 for an ambulance, but in the meantime the town has already purchased the vehicle.

If the ambulance and other payments to the town can be cut, then Pulte may pay the additional fees, Blute said. His company is currently drafting a list of possible cuts.

-- Charlie Russo

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