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Monday, October 16, 2006

Selfish in Wellesley?


Globe columnist Brian McGrory's recent column about how local opposition to a design home charity event in Wellesley cost the Home for Little Wanderers as much as $150,000 in much-needed revenue apparently touched a nerve.

In a letter to the editor today, resident Ellen Ishkanian decries the cold-heartedness of some of her neighbors:

As a native of Wellesley who has chosen to raise my family here, I was ashamed at the way town officials -- at the behest of one shrill group of abutters -- put one roadblock after another in front of a Design Home to benefit the Home for Little Wanderers.

McGrory speculated that perhaps it is a secret ingredient in Whole Foods macaroons or Starbucks lattes that causes people to act like morons. I wish it were that simple, and that a change in diet could make people think about something other than their own well-manicured back yards.

But in her own letter, resident Ann Rappaport charges that McGrory "missed the boat" in his column:

Lack of support for the 2006 Design Home probably had more to do with the fact that it was a thinly devised marketing ploy for the builder to sell yet another house in Wellesley (the house is currently offered for just under $6 million). Maybe Wellesley residents were out walking for diabetes that weekend instead, where Team Wellesley raised $30,000 (and counting) to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund.

Has the milk of human kindness soured in Wellesley? Was the developer just trying to skim the event for the publicity? Don't be cowed, express your opinion in the Globe West Message Boards.

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