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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Medway library funding request rejected


The Medway Public Library Trustees' failed in their attempt to get cash from Town Meeting last night.

In an effort to get the money, trustees chairwoman Wendy Rowe had changed her board's request from $138,000 to just $8,000 before the special Town Meeting was convened. Rowe said the lesser figure would show that the town valued the library and give the trustees a sense whether they should should return to the town's December special Town Meeting for the other $130,000.

The selectmen, however, held to their conviction that Medway does not have any excess funds and that December's special Town Meeting -- were town officials will detail Medway's financial condition -- is likely to be more bleak than expected.

Rowe has warned that the state could decertify Medway's library, meaning that local library card holders could lose their borrowing privileges at libraries in other cities and towns.

The selectmen, however, suggested that the library trustees seek a waiver from state certification requirements and tabled the $8,000 request without a vote.

-- Alison O'Leary Murray

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