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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

In favor of a new police station


Katie Connors of Holliston recently wrote Globe West a letter, calling for more support for a police station project in her town.

She noted a recent Globe West article that pointed out what a tax override had done to revitalize the Millis Library. Then she continued:

I hope that voters in Holliston will similarly see the need to provide funding for another essential part of any small town, the Police Station.

Holliston's dedicated Police force has, like most town departments in small suburban towns, "made do" for far too long on far too little. Our town nearly doubled in size since our station was built, and the number of officers and calls per day has obviously dramatically increased over the years.

Today's force has more equipment, computers, communications responsibility than in the past, yet all their tasks are being performed in cramped quarters that do not meet guidelines for good police procedure. Holliston has done a great job renovating our Town Hall and schools, and it is time we invested in the people who are a large part of keeping our town the safe, friendly and comfortable place it is.

I am hopeful that we in Holliston will act responsibly and with foresight to keep the infrastructure of our town well maintained so that the police can do their job efficiently and in safe, appropriate conditions. We owe them that much.

Got any thoughts on this letter? Voice your opinion on the Globe West message board.

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