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Friday, October 6, 2006

Greater taxes a lesser evil?


Are taxes the Great Satan? Louis Jay Frank of Natick says no, that they can even save lives, in a letter to the editor today.

Kerry Healy focuses on a pledge not to raise taxes if she is elected, and this obviously is aimed at the overall public perception (in this country) that taxes are a societal evil . But many people fail to realize that as taxes are cut, so are services we depend upon, such as police and fire protection, trash collections, and school lunches for the less fortunate, to name just a few. This reality was highlighted in the Oct. 3 story of the death of a Gloucester woman. She might have been saved had budget cuts not resulted in the closing of a fire station closer to her home. Before voters blindly endorse any candidate who promises a tax cut, they should consider the potential ramifications of such short-sighted reasoning, not only for others but possibly for themselves one day.

Are greater taxes a lesser evil? Do you find this reasoning taxing? Make a stand in the Globe West Message Boards.

Derek Clary, 20, drove from Maine to identify the body of his mother, Bridget Clary, 42, who died Sunday night after a fire in her home in Gloucester. Because of cuts that eliminated a fire station, the response time was slowed. (Photo: Michele McDonald/Globe Staff)

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