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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Berlin to property owners: Pay up!


Time to pay that bill. Or else. That's the message from the town of Berlin, which will place liens on six properties Monday morning if the owners haven't paid overdue tax bills that range from less than $6 to more than $5,000, according to tax collector Richard Sardell.

The bills are from fiscal year 2006, which ended June 30. The smallest bill is owed by the heirs of Edward L. Collins for two parcels on Collins Road: $5.88 for a lot of less than a tenth of an acre and $12.96 for one that is just under a quarter acre.

The largest bill, $5,972.46 is owed by Henry S. Mikoloski Jr. for his home and 14 acres at 244 South St.

The other overdue amounts are $188.48 for one acre on Carter Street owned by the Boston and Maine Railroad, $3,373.78 for two acres at 28 Coburn Road owned by the heirs of Robert A. Sargent, and $5,922.98 for 4.33 acres at 3 Larkin Road owned by The 495 Group Inc.

-- Jennifer Rosinski

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