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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Watertown town manager agrees to 3-year deal


After eight months of talks, the Town Council has reached an agreement with Michael Driscoll under which he will stay on as town manager for nearly three more years.

Council president Clyde L. Younger announced the deal that will keep Driscoll in Watertown until June 30, 2009, during Tuesday’s council meeting.

Last year, the council sought to rein in terms of Driscoll’s severance pay and eliminate a provision that kept him on indefinitely unless the council terminated him.

Under the old deal, Driscoll's contract was automatically extended a year if the council failed to notify him 12 months before the contract expired that he would not be renewed.

If the council missed that deadline and decided to fire him, the town could have been forced to pay up to two years’ salary. The new agreement calls for nine months of severance if Driscoll is let go before the contract ends.

The council also plans to give Driscoll two separate wage increases, which together would bring his base salary to $126,778, up from $121,855.

-- Christina Pazzanese

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