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Sunday, October 22, 2006

A helping hand from a homeless man


In another of the Globe Magazine's "Tales of the City," a homeless man lent a helping hand to a student at college in Framingham.

Coming home from college in Framingham, my daughter was using the commuter rail for the first time. She made it to Back Bay, where she was to switch trains, but left her pocketbook (with her phone) on the train. The purse, she was told, might be at South Station. But how to get there? She tried to call home collect, as well as to contact both grandparents, but couldn't get through. In despair, she sat on a bench crying. She felt a hand on her shoulder; it was a homeless man. After she told him the situation, he approached a woman, who let my daughter use her phone and gave her fare and instructions to get to Salem. Those two proved that there really are some caring people in this world.



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