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Friday, September 15, 2006

Seger on Framingham


Framingham has won a mention in a song on the new Bob Seger album -- as a place that would be a good place to leave.

In his newly released song, "Face the Promise," Seger, the veteran Midwestern rock balladeer, talks about an urge to leave places, an urge to hit the road and seek a better deal. To "face the promise of the promised land."

The song talks about Mississippi, Alabama, Arizona, and North Dakota, among other places, as great places to leave.

Seger also sings:

"So long Massachusetts
So long Framingham
I need to face the promise
Of the promised land"

What do you think of Seger's new song? Is it a slam on Framingham? Sound off on our message boards.


(Bob Seger looking for a better place on his recently released Capitol Records album)

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