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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Requiem for the Ritz?


Watertown's Valerie Taylor's letter to the edtior today lets us know that she is "enormously unhappy" to read that the Ritz-Carlton Hotel on Arlington Street will likely be sold and lose its identity ("Indian firm in talks to buy Ritz-Carlton.") She writes:

Though I'm not particularly wealthy, I have enjoyed for many years an occasional hour in its bar. Though months go by between trips, I have always found there refreshment amid graver matters, and an atmosphere of elegant, democratic (small "d") good cheer ... This can't be copied by mere dark wood and an amiable layout , and I mourn in advance its effacing by pointless, unbeautiful ostentation.

Is a part of old Boston dying? Do you have any stories about tea at the Ritz with your Mom? A special anniversary dinner there? Share them in the Globe West Message Boards.

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