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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Reilly votes in Watertown


Outside the Hibernian Hall polling place in Watertown, Dennis Duff held a campaign sign for Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly.

"My wife gets up at quarter to four," said Duff, who lives in Watertown. "I usually stay in bed, but today I got up for Tom."

Awaiting the candidate's arrival, a line of 33 Reilly supporters stretched from the street deep into the parking lot, but it was the two Deval Patrick supporters holding placards who stood out.

"This is Reilly's polling place, so I figured they'd have us by a couple," said Patrick supporter Mike Coglianese, a Watertown resident.

When Reilly's black car pulled to the curb on Watertown Street and he emerged with his wife, the volunteers chanted, "Reilly, Reilly," thumping their signs to the beat.

"Get out of the way," a television camera man yelled at one volunteer, who stepped in front to shoot his own photo.

Reilly shook hands and kissed cheeks along the line, then disappeared into the hall. He voted in the first booth; a whirr of cameras at the door recorded the moment.

Back outside, he took a moment and spoke into a cluster of microphones.

"Guess who I voted for?" Reilly quipped. "I feel great."

Reilly made much of his humble lifestyle in Watertown during the campaign. He has been trailing Deval Patrick and Chris Gabrieli in the polls.

-- Bryan Marquard

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