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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Regis vs. Weston -- the battle continues


Weston's 3,500 households got a reminder by mail this week that the dispute between Regis College and neighbors angry over a proposed on-campus retirement village is nowhere near over.

The citizens group, Stop Regis Overdevelopment, just mailed a slew of pamphlets updating the status of their year-long opposition campaign to the project, which critics say is out-of-scale for the neighborhood and would snarl traffic on Routes 30 and 20.

The case is now in state Land Court, and a trial is not expected to begin until spring. The college argues it has the right to build the 767,000-square-foot project under the Dover Amendment, a state law that allows educational organization to bypass local zoning laws.

Regis and town officials have met in closed-door mediation sessions throughout the summer, hoping to hammer out a compromise.

- Erica Noonan

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