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Friday, September 1, 2006

Regis goes coed


Regis College will no longer be an all-girls Catholic school. Starting in 2007, the school will admit men as well, the Globe reports today.

The Weston college had a round of layoffs and cutbacks in 2002, and has continued to have deficits every year. By admitting men, the college hopes to have 1,000 undergraduates rather than the 640 it has now.

Will the change deter prospective female students? Some, like Kathryn Enrici, a sophomore from West Roxbury, think it might be a little awkward.

"Right now we go to school in our pajamas," she said. "For some girls, they'll still look like they just woke up, but for other girls, they'll be completely dressed with full makeup and shoes. Plus some girls just don't like speaking up in front of boys, so that'll be a big change."

Others, like junior Sophie Gabrion, don't think allowing men at the college will change the experience.

"I don't think Regis is going to be any less special if guys come here," she said.

-- Erica Tochin

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