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Sunday, September 17, 2006

On duty in Israel


Most of Tzipora Schindler's classmates at Newton South High School are now midway through college.

Not Schindler. She's a rifle-toting Israeli Army sergeant on the front lines of that country's southern border, at war with terrorists and smugglers, the Globe reports in a front-page story today.

Schindler, 20, left Newton and moved to Israel two years ago. She has volunteered for the only infantry battalion in the Israeli army that includes women. The Karkal, or "Lynx," battalion is about 70 percent female.

"All our borders must be protected," Schindler said. "But part of the mission is also to show that women can also be involved in combat and conflict."


(Tzipora Schindler, Photo by Alon Tuval)

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