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Sunday, September 3, 2006

Generous zip codes


What zip codes give the most money to the campaigns for governor?

Zip codes in Wellesley Hills, Chestnut Hill, and Newton Center are on the top 10 list.

Top zip codes by total contribution:

02108 (Beacon Hill) $8,961,563.00
01915 (Beverly) $2,114,215.00
02673 (West Yarmouth) $1,206,805.00
02186 (Milton) $670,326.00
02116 (Back Bay) $293,431.00
02138 (West Cambridge) $259,289.00
01890 (Winchester) $219,765.00
02459 (Newton Center) $208,068.00
02467 (Chestnut Hill) $199,700.00
02481 (Wellesley Hills) $195,448.00

Tom Reilly was the winner in the latter three, while Chris Gabrieli won in that top-ranked Beacon Hill area.

Want to know how much came from your zip code? Check out an analysis on the Globe's political page.

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