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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Working mothers? Or not


Anya Bernstein of Newton was one of several people whose Letters to the Editor today responded to an article about philosopher-author Linda R. Hirshman in last week's Living/Arts section.

Hirshman is a supporter of working mothers and believes housekeeping and child rearing are not worthy of the full-time ``talents of intelligent and educated human beings," the Globe reported.

Here's Bernstein's letter:

AS A MOTHER of two who has always worked, I agree in principle with Linda Hirshman's argument that work offers great personal satisfaction and economic power. But my ability to work is facilitated by two things: My husband and I both enjoy relatively flexible work schedules and our children are typical, healthy kids (knock wood).

If members of the women's movement want women to ``get to work," we need to create more flexible workplaces and do more to support parents, particularly those whose children's physical and emotional development require an extraordinary effort.


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