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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Who will rebuild Lebanon?


Parker Coddington of Sudbury says Hezbollah, rather than the United States and Israel, is going to end up rebuilding Lebanon in a Letter to the Editor today.

NOW THAT the Israeli-American attack on Lebanon has been forced to end who will undertake the task of restoring water, electric power, housing, and an operating economy to that shattered country?

Israel? America? Of course not.

Hezbollah? Of course.

And while President Bush has promised to do everything he can to see that Iranian and Syrian aid is prevented from reaching Hezbollah, his military commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan will prevent an effective blockade and allow the needed reconstruction to proceed. And it surely will -- largely under what most Lebanese, and Muslims world wide, will properly understand to be the direction of Hezbollah.

To see the enormous benefit of a joint American-Israeli effort to restore happy civilian life to that once-lovely country is simply beyond President Bush's narrow imagination.


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