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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Voicing an opinion on healthcare


A couple of Globe West residents sounded off in letters to the editor today in response to Dr. Harris Berman's letter printed yesterday.

In his letter, Berman wrote that unionizing healthcare workers would add more costs to healthcare, and would "sabotage our healthcare reform."

Mary Poulin of Waltham wrote that she was very disappointed in Dr. Berman's letter.

"The purpose of healthcare reform is to fix the problem of uninsured people who have no access to care, something that good union jobs would help correct," she wrote.

Harvey Boulay, of Norfolk, felt similarly. "Whoever thought that our new health plan would be used as a club to beat up labor unions?" he wrote. "What seems to be emerging, week after week, as the new plan is rolled out is a program where employers and large health institutions are protected and where health consumers and healthcare workers are neglected."

-- Erica Tochin

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