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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Soldiers return (cont.)


A smiling Senator Edward M. Kennedy walked into a hotel ballroom in Boxboro this afternoon and about 150 soldiers, fresh from Iraq, erupted in cheers.

“Ted-dy, Ted-dy, Ted-dy” the Army reservists chanted to Kennedy, who flushed and smiled wider.

The 150 members of the 220th Transportation Company, which includes some people from the Globe West area, been slated to take an 18-hour bus ride home from Indiana, where the unit had stopped after a year deployment in Iraq. Family members complained to the senator’s office, and Kennedy urged the Army to charter a plane.

The senator told the soldiers that he knew they were coming home to see their families, and it didn’t make sense for them to plod along in a bus at 50 miles an hour, when planes goes 500 miles an hour.

“I think the math would indicate the plane would be the right way to go,” Kennedy said. “It seemed to be a pretty simple decision.”

-- Thomas Caywood and Andrew Ryan

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