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Friday, August 18, 2006

School wars


Pam Richardson, vice chair of the Framingham School Committee, took issue with a recent Globe West article on a surprise budget cut at the McAuliffe Regional Charter Public School.

Richardson says the charter school's claim that it has higher MCAS scores than the town's traditional schools is misleading.

In fact, 15 percent of Fuller 8th graders and 20 percent of Walsh 8th graders scored in the advanced category in math compared with 8 percent at the charter school.

With MCAS scores, she argued, its all in the interpretation. In addition, the McAuliffe Charter is a regional school, she wrote in an email to the Globe. A large percentage of the students are from Natick as well as other Metrowest communities. Any MCAS score comparisons should incorporate the scores from the middle schools in the districts from which the charter students reside.

-- Lisa Kocian

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