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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Safety of hair dyeing questioned


Julie Deane, color director at the Grettacole Salon in Wellesley, says that when pregnant clients ask her if dyeing their hair is safe, she refers them back to their obstetricians.

Some doctors, Deane said, tell the women to stop coloring their hair completely or during the first trimester, while others suggest that clients avoid dyes that may touch the scalp or limit the color to a few highlights.

Deane was interviewed for a New York Times News Service story about how women are talking to their stylists after a study found that the use of hair dye might slightly increase the risk of getting lymphoma.

Some epidemiologists said that the findings were not cause for immediate concern. And obstetrics experts told the newspaper there was no need for concern about the health of fetuses, but people are worried about hair dyes anyway.

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