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Monday, August 28, 2006

Red Sox nearly ruined his honeymoon


Ed Lawrence of Natick confesses today in a Letter to the Editor that the Red Sox nearly ruined his honeymoon, but says he's now a recovering Sox fanatic.

Unfortunately for Ed, his honeymoon happened to take place during the heartbreaking World Series in 1986. Despite the charms of a new bride and Hawaii, he was devastated by the Red Sox's performance.

After a day of mourning, he had a revelation.

"I walked away, and I resolved never to get so emotionally involved with any team ever again. I am now a 'casual' fan. I think I have kept my perspective," he wrote.

That perspective must be coming in handy these days, with Dan Shaughnessy commenting today that the team, which is 8-18 for the month, is playing "like the Boston Bowsers." ...

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