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Friday, August 25, 2006

Plutonic thoughts at the Newton T


Pluto's plummet from planethood cast a bittersweet shadow yesterday over a small blue monument erected in its honor at the Riverside MBTA station.

T patrons waxed nostalgic about its former status and the potential for it to fade into oblivion, correspondent Emma Stickgold reports today.

An international committee of astronomers decided yesterday that Pluto is too small to be considered a planet, immediately outdating every astronomy textbook and solar system model in the universe.

``I think it was bizarre," Leigh Abrams, 50, of Dorchester said as she passed through the gate of the T station. ``What's next? The sun's not the sun? The moon's not the moon?" she added.


(Adam Siegal, 12, from Natick checks out the Pluto display at the Riverside MBTA station, Photo by Patricia McDonnell)

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