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Friday, August 25, 2006

Papa's got a brand-new look


Papa Gino's is about to unveil a new look and a new slogan at a new restaurant with a new name.

A store set to open Monday in Shrewsbury will be known as Papa Gino's Pizzeria, and it will showcase a new look that aims to incorporate a bistro feel and highlight Papa Gino's pizzeria roots. One goal is to make the store more inviting for sit-down lunches and family evening meals, said Michael McManama, senior vice president of brand development.

The Dedham chain plans to open five to seven new stores through February, and they will feature expanded guest seating with comfortable updated booths and more inviting colors that McManama described as "contemporary Italian with mild yellows and reds."

The chain's new marketing statement is, "The family pizzeria since 1961."

-- Chris Reidy

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