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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Healthy circulation


See you later, aqualator issue.

Despite the concerns of some residents -- particularly an abutter who has battled the city over the use of Crystal Lake -- the state Department of Environmental Protection says it has no problems with the continued use of an aqualator, a submerged pump that circulates water near the bathing beach to keep it fresh.

The state had ordered the pump shut down earlier this summer while a probe of its environmental impacts was underway, but the city turned it back on last month after bacteria levels rose.

In a finding issued July 28, the state gave the thumbs-up to the aqualator, but also said the city needs to do a better job redirecting stormwater runoff from the beach house roof and parking lot.

Drainage management ‘‘is key to protecting water quality in the lake,’’ the finding states.

-— Connie Paige

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