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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Gunter Grass and the SS


Sayre Sheldon of Natick says in a Letter to the Editor today that Gunter Grass should continue to be honored as a great writer, no matter why he covered up his past as a member of Nazi Germany's SS.

Here's his letter:

SAUL AUSTERLITZ is too quick to ask that Günter Grass's Nobel Prize be rescinded over his Nazi past (``Günter Grass's 60 years of silence," op-ed, Aug. 21).

Who are we to cast the first stone? I can remember that as a 13-year-old visiting German relatives in 1939 I wanted to join the Hitler Mädchen, who looked so appealing to me as they marched through the streets.

Let us continue to honor a great writer, whatever his reasons for taking so long to reveal his youthful past.


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