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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Globe West memories


A couple of hundred people checked out the Globe West message boards and a few left their own posts in response to Erica Noonan's column/quiz about Globe West memories.

Here's one recent post responding to a question from Erica about where the Natick Drive-in was.

The drive-in was where the Hampton Inn is now behind Boston Scientific, which used to be the Carling Brewery. There was a motel across from the brewery on the south side of Rte. 9 before it was widened for the beetleback. Finks Drugs was on the southeast corner of Speen Street, on the empty lot between the fire station and Rte. 9. The Christmas Tree Shop was Zayre's (and no adjoining stores) for a long time. My favorite place was Mr. Hamburg, a pre-McDonald's joint about a mile west (where Pizza Uno is now.) I was waiting for my dinner there with my mom when the 1967(?) power blackout hit the East Coast. I'm still waiting....

Share your memories with us on the message boards.

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