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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Arsenic in Marlborough


Leonard Rubin of Marlborough e-mailed today to say he didn't like a recent Globe West story about high levels of arsenic found in the city's water source.

"There is no tainted water in MY neighborhood," he wrote. "It is safe to drink. I'm over 75 years old and I consume at least 8 glasses of water daily."

Some neighborhood residents have speculated that the arsenic came from an old orchard. Tests have shown that the property is contaminated with arsenic, lead, and DDT.

Joanie O'Brien, president of the Glenbrook Neighborhood Assocation, said she watched rain from a recent thunderstorm wash soil from the site into city sewers.

City officials who tested the water supply found a temporary spike in arsenic levels. But they said it was unlikely the contamination came from the site because samples did not also have an elevated level of DDT.

Rubin said the neighborhood association, which sounded the alarm about the water, does not speak for all area residents. And he thinks the story should have reported that.

"We've lived here over 40 years, drank the water daily ... and no ill effects whatsoever," he said.

-- Megan Woolhouse

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