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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Vacation homework


Ah, good old summer. A time for teenagers to sleep late, hang out, and daydream. And, of course, there's always homework.


The Globe reports today that starting more than a decade ago, the amount of summer homework for high school students has risen in the state's affluent, high-achieving districts.

Some schools think it's gone too far. Needham High School and Weston High have cut back.

"These kids are overstressed and overprogrammed," said Connie Barr, whose daughter will be a senior at Needham. "They need a chance to play and make decisions about how to spend their summer without something hanging over their heads all the time."

Principal Paul Richards cracked down on the amount of homework to allow more time family vacations, camps -- and, of course, internships.


(Olivia Boyd, an incoming junior at Needham High, worked Friday at Nobles Day Camp. Boyd fits summer reading into her busy vacation schedule. Photo by Robert Spencer)

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