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Thursday, July 6, 2006

Thoughts on a Butterfly


Ethan Shimony of Wellesley offered some reflections on a butterfly in a Letter to the Editor of today's Globe. Here it is:

WHEN I turned 15, an adult friend of mine sent me a card that read, ``Do you remember when a butterfly was more beautiful than a girl?"

Standing at the Yawkey stop on the T recently, I thought of that message. A Red Sox game had just ended, and there were scores of people waiting to catch the train. A monarch butterfly flew around a growth of milkweed, and I watched it in fascination. Although there were many parents with their kids, no one seemed interested. The sight of this small wonder delighted me, but the apathy of the crowd had the opposite effect.

Observing -- and appreciating -- such a remarkable creature should be a tonic moment, as much so as the excitement of a baseball game.

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