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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Speaking out


Several Globe West residents sounded off today in Letters to the Editors.

Steven Gallucci of Millis commented on how the media has jumped all over the fatal accident in the I-90 connector tunnel. "Editors' first thoughts are not about safety, prevention, and compassion, but about blame and recrimination," he wrote.

Newton's Youngsun Ji, the South Korean consul general, questioned the Globe's reference in a recent map to the Sea of Japan. Until the 19th century, he wrote, it was known as the East Sea, the Oriental Sea, and the Sea of Korea.

"Therefore, the Korean government recommends that both East Sea and Sea of Japan be used simultaneously whenever your newspaper refers to the sea area until Korea and Japan try to resolve the geographical name in question," he wrote.

-- Erica Tochin

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