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Thursday, July 6, 2006

Lazy Man's Literature


If you've ever ordered the Lazy Man's Lobster special or watched Ron Popeil shill Showtime Rotisseries instead of getting up and finding the darn remote, the Newton Free Library has the literary experience you've been waiting for.

The library recently teamed up with NetLibrary and Recorded Books Inc. to offer eAudiobooks via free subscription. What is an eAudiobook? Well, it's essentially a digitally-recorded book-on-tape that you can download onto your Windows-based computer and then listen to it or transfer it to a portable music player [The Catch: they can't be played on Macs or iPods, yet.]

What a breakthrough! Now you can have an honest-to-goodness literary experience without: A) Going to the library; B) Picking up a book; or C) Actually reading.

Free accounts are available for library cardholders through the Newton Free Library Website.

-- Ralph Ranalli

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