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Thursday, July 6, 2006

Bag It


If you haven’t yet stocked up on the newly required bright orange pay-as-you-throw trash bags, you might want to wait until tomorrow or Saturday, when most of the stores will restock, according to David Miller, the town’s solid waste manager.

The new program is meant to encourage recycling, which is free, and limit trash, which you have to pay for as you buy the new bags. Miller said compliance was good so far this first week of the new program.

That was the case in my neighborhood, where residents were already taking advantage of the newfound freedom of mixed recycling. Newspaper, glass, plastic, junk mail, and other items that once had to be separated can now all be thrown in the same blue bin. And recycling will now be picked up every week instead of every other week.

Miller said the main question he is getting is if it’s okay to still use trash barrels, and the answer is yes, he said, as long as residents use the orange bags, which are available at Shaw’s Supermarket on Pond Street, both CVS pharmacy locations, and both Brooks Pharmacy locations.

The city has a complete list of all locations or other information online.

-- Lisa Kocian

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