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Is something broken in your neighborhood? City Weekly's GlobeWatch gets answers to readers' concerns.

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    Five mythsFive myths
    Let's puncture some lingering fables about Boston.
    Feline lifelineFeline lifeline
    Sometimes it takes a village - Bay Village - to save a cat.
    Weapons checkWeapons check
    Want a gun license? Where do you hang your holster?
    My word!My word!
    Some parts of Boston language never seem to go out of fashion.
    Take my pianoTake my piano
    In a city that once churned them out, more folks seek to turn them out.

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    Editor's farewell note

    This is the final edition of City Weekly. Over the last 17 years, we've informed, entertained, and occasionally annoyed you, our readers. We hope you have enjoyed the section as much as we have loved producing it for you. More information
    Into the future (Peter Wallace Illustration)

    Into the future

    As City Weekly fades into the past, it seems a good moment to look to Boston's future. What can we expect in the next 10 or 20 years? (By Robert Campbell, Boston Globe)

    Left-turn scofflaws plague Longwood

    Perhaps it's the naturally hectic pace of hospitals or the high concentration of medical businesses clustered in one small section of the city. Whatever the reason, GlobeWatch seems to receive a lot of complaints about traffic in the Longwood Medical Area. (By Christina Pazzanese, Boston Globe)