Joanne Rathe/Globe Staff Looking back at South Africans living under apartheid Photographs by Joanne Rathe.

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Globe staff photographer Essdras M Suarez documented Romania's efforts to repatriate enriched uranium to Russia to keep it out of the hands of terrorists.
Nuclear repatriation
Photographs by Essdras M Suarez.
John Frame, a Harvard Divinity School student, spent the summer living with the homeless.
Lesson of the streets
Photographs by Suzanne Kreiter and Matthew J. Lee.
photos of hatchling turtles and migrating herring by Joanne Rathe and George Rizer
Full-screen photo gallery
Helping nature help itself
Photographs by Joanne Rathe and George Rizer.
Photos of Monhegan Island's lobstermen by Boston Globe staff photographer Bill Greene
Full-screen photo gallery
The lobstermen's way of life
on Monhegan Island
Photographs by Bill Greene.
Boston Marathon, Red Sox, Celtics, Lexington battle
Full-screen photo gallery
Bay State's busy day
Photographs by the Globe staff.
Diaghilev's Ballets Russes
full-screen gallery
Diaghilev's Ballets Russes
Photographs by Essdras M Suarez.
Can-Am dog sled race in northern Maine. Photographs by Yoon S. Byun.
Full-screen gallery
Mush! The Can-Am sled dog race
Photographs by Yoon S. Byun.
Bill Greene/Globe Staff
full-screen gallery
Globe photographers win
Photographs by the Globe staff.
John Tlumacki/Globe Staff
Video by Jim Wilson and Ed Medina.
Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Photo
full-screen gallery
The New Hampshire vote
Photographs by Suzanne Kreiter.
Yoon S. Byun/Globe Staff
full-screen gallery
The local vote
Photographs by Yoon S. Byun.
John Tlumacki/Globe Staff
Photo Gallery
Tearful farewell
Photographs by John Tlumacki.
Globe Photo/Travis Dove
photo Gallery
Logan Airport's new 9/11 memorial
Photographs by Pat Greenhouse and Travis Dove.
Essdras M Suarez/Globe Staff
Photo Gallery
Summer swimwear
Photographs by Essdras M Suarez.
Essdras M Suarez/Globe Staff
Photo Gallery
Tornado rips through New Hampshire
Photographs by Essdras M Suarez.
John Tlumacki/Globe Staff
Photo Gallery
Chinatown neighborhood portrait
Photographs by
John Tlumacki.
Essdras M Suarez/Globe StaffCarnivals:
All in good fun
Photographs by Essdras M Suarez.
Dina Rudick/Globe StaffThe Asian Tsunami
Photographs by Dina Rudick and Essdras M Suarez.
Mark Wilson/Globe StaffTo the bat cave!
Photographs by Mark Wilson.

Wide Angle

JAIME REINA/AFP/Getty ImagesScenes from La Vuelta
The Tour de France may be more famous, but this "Grand Tour" is every bit as formidable.
AP PhotoTigers, oh my
In the world's largest mangrove forest, tigers both threaten and protect some of India's poorest people.
REUTERS/Nepal Army 11 Brigade/HandoutSubmerged subcontinent
Flooding displaced over a million people as dams broke and rivers changed course.
AP PhotoEthiopia comes to Israel
40,000 Ethiopian Christians with claims to Jewish ancestry are brought to Israel.

Wide Angle

photos of gay pride around the worldPride around the world
Around the world, millions joined in celebrations of gay pride.
In dozens of mountain hamlets in this remote corner of Afghanistan, opium addiction has become so entrenched that whole families, from toddlers to old men, are addicts.The addicted village
In dozens of mountain hamlets in this remote corner of Afghanistan, opium addiction has become so entrenched that whole families, from toddlers to old men, are addicts.
AP photographer Emilio Morenatti injured in Afghanistan explosionPhotographer Emilio Morenatti
injured in Afghanistan
The Spanish AP photographer was embedded with US troops when his vehicle hit a roadside bomb. A gallery of his recent work.
full-screen gallery
Obama's inaugural day
From the National Mall to the Inaugural Ball.
AP Photo/Miami Herald,Ronna GradusFay rolls through
Although Fay never gained hurricane strength, she claimed at least 40 lives.
ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty ImagesKenya's wildebeest migration
The largest mammal migration in the world begins in the Massai Mara National Park.
Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images for IMGScenes from New York
Fashion Week
From backstage to the runway, the Spring 2009 collections sizzle.
JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty ImagesOlympics cheerleaders?
China fields 400 volunteers to cheer for other countries during events.
AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti
photographer spotlight:
Emilio Morenatti
Daily life in Afghanistan and Pakistan
AP Photo/Al GrilloSaving the seals
Alaskan islanders remove marine debris from beaches to help mating fur seals.
AP Photo/Matt DunhamFaces of Euro 2008
The soccer-mad nations of Europe gather in Austria and Switzerland.
Daniel Berehulak/Getty ImagesMexican Lucha Libre to storm London
The Lucha Libre, Mexican wrestlers, perform in London.
BORYANA KATSAROVA/AFP/Getty ImagesThe best rose oil in the world
The rose oil from Bulgaria's Rose Valley is used in the finest perfumes.
VANDERLEI ALMEIDA/AFP/Getty ImagesRio Fashion Week
Fashions from the Spring-Summer 2008-09 collection in Brazil.
AP Photo/La TerceraChile's Chaiten volcano erupts
Widespread evacuations forced as ash fouls the air, water, and soil.
Kenya in chaos after disputed elections lead to months of violenceKenya in chaos after disputed elections lead to months of violence
Violence erupted in Kenya after disputed 2007 elections fueled other diputes.
AP Photo/Emilio MorenattiKushti wrestlers of Pakistan
Practicing a sport thousands of years old.
AP Photo/Ng Han GuanBeijing celebrates China Fashion Week
Bold looks from Chinese designers.
AP Photo/Emilio MorenattiUS aid for Pakistan
After 200,000 fled the Bajur tribal region during fighting, the US pledges help for refugees.
photo gallery
Hopes for a 'son of Kenya'
Barack Obama's candidacy stirs excitement in the country of his father's birth.
REUTERS/Enrique MarcarianBuenos Aires Fashion Week
Collections from Argentine designers Wanama, Rapsodia, and Pablo Ramirez.

Wide Angle

ATTA KENARE/AFP/Getty ImagesShiite Muslims observe Ashura
Commemorating the slaying of Prophet Mohammad's grandson.
AP Photo/Javier GaleanoCuba 41 years after "Che"
Daily life in Cuba 41 years after Ernesto "Che" Guevara's death.
MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty ImagesChina's "Peasant Games"
The games include events like "Quickly Harvest Grain and Get it Into Storage."
REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton
full-screen gallery
Faces on the Mall
Witnesses to Obama's inauguration.
REUTERS/Mariana BazoPeru desert dilemma
A Peruvian town with a quirky name faces an uncertain future.
AP Photo/Alexandre Meneghini
Photographer spotlight:
Alexandre Meneghini
Haiti Portraits
Portraits of Haitians in their homes.
AP Photo/Ed WrayA royal cremation
The remains of two Balinese royals were cremated before some 250,000 loyal subjects.
AP PHOTO/Tsvangirayi MukwazhiZimbabwe's struggling democracy
Zimbabwe's fortunes spiral downward after election dispute.
AP Photo/Mary AltafferDaredevil climber
Alain Robert scaled the New York Times' building to raise awareness about global warming.
STR/AFP/Getty ImagesFloods strike southern China
Heavy rains in southern and eastern China forced a million evacuations.
AP Photo/Muhammed MuheisenChild labor in Palestine
35,000 West Bank children 15 or younger worked full time in 2006, up from several thousand in 2004.
Voting in the Russian far northVoting in the Russian far north
Russians sidestep reindeer on the way to the polls.
AP Photo/Beaver Dam Daily Citizen, Cory SchaeferFloods hit the Midwest
Iowa, Wisconsin, and Indiana under water as forecasts call for more rain.
AP Photo/Xinhua, Deng JianxinChina's "quake lakes"
Falling debris blocked rivers and created over 30 "quake lakes" after China's massive earthquake.
REUTERS/Jamil BittarAre you ready for some... Futsal?
The FIFA Futsal World Cup Brazil 2008 is underway with five-man teams playing soccer indoors on a basketball-sized court.
AP Photo/Christophe EnaAfrica's bike race
The ten-stage Tour du Faso covers over 770 miles of landlocked Burkina Faso, with local and European teams competing in Africa's most popular race.
REUTERS/Heino KalisThe Tomatina tomato fight
The annual tomato fight in Bunol, Spain lets revelers have a pulpy good time.
AP Photo/Christophe EnaParis Fashion
Designers from all over the world present Spring/Summer collections in the fashion capital.
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Globe staff photographer Yoon S. Byun asks Boston: 'What's on your mind?'
Globe staff photographer
Yoon S. Byun spent two years
asking the people of Boston:
"What's on your mind?"