Thousands attend the Cervantino Festival in celebration of Cervantes in Guanajuato, photographed by Essdras M Suarez Mexican moments A portfolio of images by Essdras M Suarez.

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Yoon S. Byun documented creatures of habit in a project called 'Regulars'.
Here comes a regular
A photographic project by Yoon S. Byun.
Essdras M Suarez/Globe Staff
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Unforgettable: 2008 Globe staff pictures of the year
By the Globe staff.
Dina Rudick/Globe StaffDemocratic National Convention
Photographs by
Yoon S. Byun and Dina Rudick.
Dina Rudick/Globe StaffRepublican National Convention
Photographs by
Dina Rudick and John Tlumacki.
Wendy Maeda/Globe StaffThe Danvers Explosion
Photographs by Globe staffers.
Dominic Chavez/Globe StaffLives Lost
Photographs by Dominic Chavez, Bill Greene, Michele McDonald, Evan Richman, Dina Rudick, and Essdras M Suarez.
Dina Rudick/Globe StaffHurricane Katrina
Photographs by Dina Rudick and Erik Jacobs.
Pat Greenhouse/Globe StaffGov. Deval Patrick's first 100 days
Photographs by Pat Greenhouse.
Edwards Creek, Nevada wild horse gatherInto Edwards Creek Valley, Nevada
Photographs by Essdras M Suarez.


A Worcester bike race honors Marshall 'Major' Taylor
Remembering Major Taylor
Video by Lane Turner.
Chappaquiddick: Ted Kennedy
Chappaquiddick: unanswered questions
Video by Bill Greene and Ann Silvio.
Bill Greene/Boston Globe
One Extra Day
Award-winning video by Bill Greene.
Globe reporter Scott Helman and Globe photographer Dina Rudick, both from Ohio, headed home to take stock of the swing state as the election nears.
Decision: Ohio
Stories and photographs by Scott Helman and Dina Rudick.
Dina Rudick/Globe Staff
On the Continental Divide
Video and photographs by Dina Rudick
Yoon S. Byun/Globe Staff
Finding the fallen
Multimedia by Yoon S. Byun and Dina Rudick.
Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff
The Birth of a Church
Photographs by Pat Greenhouse.
Dina Rudick/Globe Staff
The 45th Parallel: global warming where we live
Multimedia by Dina Rudick.
Globe photo/Bill Potter
Joyful Reunion
Video by Dina Rudick and Scott Helman.
Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Staff
Turning Twelve
Video and photographs by Suzanne Kreiter.

Wide Angle

Survivors return to Beichuan County to mourn victims of the May 12, 2008 earthquake in China's Sichuan province.The Sichuan earthquake
one year later
90, 000 died, 5 million lost homes in the May 12, 2008 quake.
Brazil floodingBrazil's massive flooding
Heavy rains and landslides killed 40 and forced 275,000 from their homes.
A man sells ice cream from a cart during sunset at Karachi's Clifton Beach. Photograph by Akhtar Soomro.Recent scenes from Pakistan
Reuters photographer Akhtar Soomro gives us a look at daily life in Karachi.
AP Photo/Gautam SinghThe colors of "Holi"
Indian Hindus celebrate Holi, the festival of colors, to mark the arrival of spring.
REUTERS/Yiorgos KarahalisGalaxidi's flour war
The villagers of Galaxidi, Greece celebrate "Clean Monday," throwing bags of dyed flour at each other.
AP Photo/Guillermo AriasDrug violence grips Mexico
2008 saw over 5000 people killed as drug cartels fought to control the trade.
Kenya's chaos one year laterKenya's chaos one year later
The killing has stopped, but normalcy has not returned.
TONY KARUMBA/AFP/Getty ImagesTanzania's albinos imperiled
Targeted for their body organs by witch doctors and others.
REUTERS/Bazuki MuhammadLife without land
For an indigenous people in Malaysia's Sabah state on Borneo Island, the sea is home.
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REUTERS/Enny Nuraheni
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Worldwide reaction to Obama election
From pride in Kenya to protests in the Middle East, people around the world took notice of an historic American election.
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Olympic Galleries Archive
From the grandeur of the opening cermony to the intensity of events, look at big pictures of every day of the 2008 Olympics.
Globe staff photograph by Suzanne KreiterThe City Seen
Over the course of two years, Globe photographer Suzanne Kreiter captured hidden views, seldom-seen images, and unexpected sounds around Greater Boston.
Yoon S. Byun/Globe StaffThe 25 Most Stylish Bostonians 2007
Fashion portraits of the city's most stylish by Yoon S. Byun, Dina Rudick, Essdras M Suarez, and Jonathan Wiggs.