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Talk back!

Posted by Robin Abrahams  March 12, 2008 10:23 AM

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Hey everyone! We've got comment capability! From now on, you'll be able to comment on certain of my blog posts.

I'm not going to leave every post open to comments, because I have to moderate them, and that would take more time than I've got, what with the column and the book and the other job and Milo and Mr. Improbable and "Lost" and everything. So I'll put a note on posts that are open to comment threads. You can also see which posts have comments because there will be a link to "Comments" next to the post title.

Having comments will be a great way of helping me hear from you, and also for all you excellent folks to discuss among yourselves some, too. Like the chats, it's a way of making Miss Conduct/Mind Over Manners more of a community thing, a space where your voices and concerns can be heard.

The basics:

1. Play nice. I don't really have to explain this, I hope. Disagreement is fine but unkindness is not. No cheap shots based on gender, race, religion, sexual preference, neighborhood, party affiliation, handedness, reproductive status, social class, body type, occupation, country of origin, or astrological sign, EVER.

2. Keep it clean. No profanity worse than "hell" or "damn," nothing that isn't PG-rated. I'm not easily offended, personally (if I couldn't handle profanity, my favorite show wouldn't be "Deadwood") but there's a place for that kind of thing, and here ain't it.

3. All posts are moderated by me. I'll disallow anything inappropriate, and I might edit your post if I need to.

4. All posts are moderated, even if I know and trust you. That's just how the software works. So be patient if you don't see your comment up right away. I'll get to the moderation queue as fast as I can (I like seeing what comes in!) but I do have places to be, sometimes. Also, I do not work on Saturdays, so if you post a comment after sundown on Friday, it will be 24 hours before it goes up.

So let's roll! I'm going to open this post up for comments, so that I can practice using the software. Introduce yourself and pass the canapes.

UPDATE: Comments on this thread are now closed.

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9 comments so far...
  1. Good Morning, Miss Conduct and fellow readers!
    I hope everyone is having a lovely, rainy day. :)

    Posted by colleen March 12, 08 10:38 AM
  1. I just wanted to comment on the cabbie post from earlier. I was waiting for the bus one evening when a cabbie made a u-turn and hit a bicyclist. He slowed down briefly, looked back at us, and then sped away. A number of people got cab numbers, etc, and helped the poor bicyclist out of the road. He was largely uninjured, but extremely shaken and his bike wheel was bent. So, what you saw was not a first time thing.

    Your point about stopping and apologizing is a very very good one. I was once hit a glancing blow by a passing truck. It still knocked me flying, but the driver stopped. He offered to take me to the hospital and made sure I was OK. Yes, I could have sued (I was 6 months pregnant at the time), or taken his insurance info down, or any number of other things. But he stopped and apologized. And that made all the difference.

    Posted by Eeeeka March 12, 08 11:39 AM
  1. Yay! Sometimes I really want to respond to your blogs but I am just too darn lazy to go up to the email link and email you.

    Posted by Heidi K March 12, 08 11:50 AM
  1. This is an excellent new feature. My schedule doesn't allow me to participate in the chats, so I'm looking forward to seeing what other people have to say in the comments.

    Posted by Amy R. March 12, 08 01:06 PM
  1. I'm glad your allowing comments.

    I look forward to writing/reading them!

    Posted by Danielle D. March 12, 08 01:37 PM
  1. I'm excited about the comments. Thank you for the wonderful 3 part series on what it takes to write. I teach college freshman writing, often to students who resent having to "waste" their time in my class instead of taking a "real" class towards their major that will help them get a "real" job after graduation. May I print out and distribute these 3 posts in future classes (with proper attribution, of course!)? I like how succinct they are, and that they're from a blog, not a writing handbook. Thanks!

    Robin says: Of course you may! I'd be really honored by that.

    Posted by Kay March 12, 08 01:40 PM
  1. I thoroughly enjoy your writing, and I look forward to the new dynamic the comments will bring.

    Have a lovely evening!

    Posted by Anna March 12, 08 04:49 PM
  1. Thrilled about being able to comment and thank you for so many great things, such as introducing me to Peace Bang. Happy to hear you and Milo are in one piece. Love the shoes.

    Posted by Penny R March 12, 08 08:02 PM
  1. Miss Conduct,
    Hooray for comments!
    And for sweet revenge.
    I highly recommend:
    for pursuing that accursed cabbie.
    Best wishes!

    Robin says: Hey, thanks!

    Posted by catty March 13, 08 03:08 PM
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