Dinner with Cupid

Prime-rate love

Will these two finance-minded daters strike it rich in romance?

Dinner with Cupid
September 26, 2010

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Greg Eardley, 25, Certified public accountant

What makes him a good catch: He’s confident, easy to get along with, has a steady career, and likes to have a good time.

On a desert island, he’d want: A motorcycle, a laptop, and baby powder

Erin McCarran, 24, Commercial loan specialist

Playing her in the movie version of her life: Rachel McAdams

Her perfect Saturday: Sleeping in, followed by a long walk, coffee and catching up on errands, and then dinner and drinks

7:30 p.m. Ole Mexican Grill, Inman Square, Cambridge


Greg: I was driving down from Burlington, so all I really did to prepare was drive.

Erin: I went home from work and got ready for the date.

Greg: I was a little worried the traffic was going to make me late. I’ve never done anything like it in the past, so I didn’t really know what to expect.

Erin: I was nervous, but I think that’s only natural when going on a blind date.

Greg: She beat me there, but I got there just in the nick of time.


Erin: I thought he was well dressed and had a friendly face. I couldn’t really tell how tall he was in comparison to me, since I was already seated, but I was pleasantly surprised later on to discover he was taller than me.

Greg: My first impression was that she was blond and appeared to be dressed more casual than me, so I felt kind of like a big nerd. I had no expectations of what she might look like, but she was definitely a pretty girl.

Erin: I could tell he was nervous at first, but I didn’t think much of it, since I was also nervous.


Greg: When she told me where she was from, I realized that I knew quite a few people from her hometown.

Erin: It turns out one of his college roommates is from my hometown and was only a year ahead of me in school, so I knew who he was.

Greg: We were both born and raised in the general Boston area and went to college in Massachusetts. Our jobs kind of overlap, in that I am in accounting and she works in the lending department of a bank.

Erin: We both had done some traveling this summer and had upcoming trips to talk about as well. We also shared similar tastes in music and movies.

Greg: There were a couple awkward silences, but that’s kind of what I expected, since we didn’t know each other.

Erin: I wouldn’t expect sparks on a blind date. It’s always more of a “getting to know you” meeting.

Greg: As it went on, it became pretty evident that even though we were getting along and having a relatively flowing conversation, it just wasn’t clicking.


Erin: After dessert, we paid the check and decided to call it a night. I may have been up to getting coffee somewhere else if it were not a Monday night.

Greg: We went out to the parking lot and briefly talked about how we thought it went.

Erin: He asked for my number.

Greg: We hugged it out. It seemed like the right thing to do.


Greg: B+

Erin: B+


Erin says she would be up for a second date, but Greg thinks they’d be better going out again in a group.

Compiled by Sarah Mupo Go on a blind date. We’ll pick up the tab. To apply for Dinner With Cupid, fill out an application at

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