July 11, 2010

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History Lesson Regarding Kris Frieswick’s article “Do We Really Need a Lieutenant Governor?” (June 13), she should check back to the days of Governor John Volpe and Lieutenant Governor Elliot Richardson, when Volpe gave Richardson the responsibility of correcting the state’s welfare mess. Perhaps future administrations could do something similar, depending, of course, on who the lieutenant governor is – maybe he/she wouldn’t be capable of much more than meet and greet. You may recall that Richardson went on to hold more Cabinet posts than any man in our history.

Cetta Leonardi / Portland, Maine

Forever Fans I enjoyed Tim Flynn’s Perspective on the Boston Bruins (June 13). I got on the B’s bandwagon in the late ’60s, and I’ve supported them through thick and thin (and there has been a lot of thin!). As disappointing as this year ended up, yes, we can look forward to next year. Savard, Stuart, Sturm should be back 100 percent, and Rask will have a lot more confidence. It’ll be a long boring summer till October. Go Bruins!

Tom Dawson / Peabody

It’s my fault the Bruins lost Game 7. After the third goal in the first period, I did what I hadn’t done all year – I left my seat to get a beer – during the period. I thought the game was over. The first period was as wild and loud a game as I’ve seen, and I believe the fans carried the players to scoring three unanswered goals in that period. I also believe had the fans not relaxed – and let the players and coaches relax in turn – we would’ve won the game.

Gary Hatton / Boston

Girlfriend’s Dilemma In the June 13 Coupling column “Only a Girlfriend,” the author is perplexed that other people don’t view her long-term relationship as identical to marriage. Is it any wonder? She makes the same distinction when she chooses not to make it “legal.” (Her unnecessary quotation marks.) It’s true that marriage may not change much in a relationship, but people not treating you as married is a problem that can definitely be solved by marriage – cheaply and quickly at a courthouse, if desired.

Romie Faienza / Winchester

The terms girlfriend and boyfriend can imply a somewhat superficial, temporary status to some, no matter how long the couple has been together. The words often do not connote the deep, loving relationship that can exist between a non-married couple, and it’s the suggestion of temporary status that can create some of the issues Jessica Cerretani brings up in her piece. Moms and dads may not want to become too emotionally invested with their children’s boyfriends and girlfriends. Breakups can be hard for everyone!

Lisa Smith / Hingham

Here in France, this is not a problem. I know people who have been together for 20 years without benefit of clergy. I say, kudos to the girlfriend.

Lisa Spencer / Lille, France

(formerly of Pembroke)

Rites of Spring I laughed out loud when I read the June 13 Parenting Traps “The Rite Stuff.” Both my boys (ages 8 and 6) played baseball this spring and needed protective cups. I grew up with sisters and I, like the author, left the cup purchasing to my husband. My 8-year-old was pretty matter-of-fact about it, but my 6-year-old was thrilled. He ran through the sporting-goods store shouting, “We got a cup for my coolios!” When they got home, they both put their cups on, got their Star Wars light sabers, and played “hit me.” It certainly was a bonding experience – not only for my husband, but for the whole family.

Elka Troutman / Ashland

Flavors to Savor I enjoy reading the letters column every week and seldom see any feedback on the food or recipe pages. So let me offer the following: I look forward to the food pages every week and recently devoured the “Farm-Fresh Simple Summer Eats” feature (June 6). The best part of summer is enjoying local and fresh ingredients. We made the Pulled Pork Sandwiches With Spicy Slaw by Andrew and Diana Rodgers and resisted the urge to tamper with the recipe. It looked exactly like the picture and was delicious. We had friends over to share, and it was a huge success. Keep up the good work.

Marty Desserres / Quincy

Seen on the Web The debate over whether the Commonwealth needs a lieutenant governor continued on

KeithCBS wrote: My blood boils when teachers and policemen are being laid off left and right, meanwhile the Lt. Governor and his 6 staffers keep their positions, yet THEY HAVE NO JOB FUNCTION!

Burbie wrote: My fear is that a governor who really needs to step down (due to health or scandal) will refuse to do so out of fear of the other party getting the governorship. Succession should go to a constitutionally specified order of cabinet members.

JDM53 wrote: If the governor resigns or dies, hold a special election. It seems to work for senators, so why not governors?

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