Dinner with Cupid

Singular sensations

When two only children meet for tapas, will they find it fun to share?

January 17, 2010

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Kurston Melton, 24, Graduate student

Says she’s a catch because: She’s thoughtful and considered a good listener.

Her perfect date would include: A festival or artisan event, or a day looking at art at the MFA

Michael Mejia, 28, Freelance graphic designer/customer service

Says he’s a catch because: He’s funny, smart, generous, sweet, and a bit sarcastic.

Stranded on an island he’d want: iPod with a solar charger, large sketch pad, lots of pens/pencils

7 P.M. Tapeo, Back Bay

Crazy Train Michael: I didn’t feel nervous at all and had an open mind about the whole experience, which took the pressure off.

Kurston: I actually took a nap so I wouldn’t be tired. I was calm.

Michael: I arrived on time, but she was about 20 minutes late due to the previous day’s snowstorm. I had started to wonder if she had cold feet.

Kurston: I was a little late because I got trapped underground on the T.

Michael: I found her to be very attractive; she has nice long hair and very expressive eyes. I always notice a woman’s hands first, and she had very nice hands and nails.

Kurston: I thought he was cute and seemed very nice.

Dear Old Dad Michael: She was excited about the restaurant -- she had plans to go there the next day with her parents, coincidentally.

Kurston: I knew exactly what I wanted. Tapeo is one of my favorite restaurants.

Michael: We just jumped right into conversation from the moment we sat down. I think we clicked on that level.

Kurston: We talked about work, my grad-school program, and family life.

Michael: She mentioned a few times that I did things that reminded her of her father. One was the way I smile. I usually do a smirk (which happens to be my smile, I can’t help it). She said it’s always a special occasion when her father shows his teeth in a smile.

Kurston: We have a lot in common, including being only children, which I think makes us unique.

Michael: We laughed at the fact that people assume only children are spoiled -- we agreed we weren’t. She’s very down-to-earth and seems to have a good head on her shoulders.

Kurston: He seemed really friendly and easy to get along with.

Michael: We talked about a lot of things: school, work, goals, my crazy cousin and his trials and tribulations. We discovered we both like to dance -- always a plus in my book. I felt very comfortable the entire time and didn’t have to think of what to say next. Somehow it just flowed and had a positive vibe.

Kurston: He’s very outgoing and knows how to hold a conversation. He also has a great sense of humor.

Shall We Dance? Michael: We were enjoying the conversation but realized we had to go. I had work in the morning, and she had a final.

Kurston: He was nice and got me to the T. We exchanged numbers as well.

Michael: We had a nice hug goodbye and parted ways. I sent a good-night text later on, and she replied to that, suggesting we should go dancing soon.

Post-Mortem Michael says: A

Kurston says: A

A Second Date? Both say yes.

GO ON A BLIND DATE. WE’LL PICK UP THE TAB. To apply for Dinner With Cupid, fill out an application at

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