January 17, 2010

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The Standouts Thank you for the wonderful article on Elizabeth Warren (“Bostonian of the Year: The Watchdog,” December 20). I worked for her at Harvard Law School in the late ’90s as her faculty assistant, and she was an inspiration in her dedication to fighting continuously against the major credit card companies. (See her work on the National Bankruptcy Commission.)

Christiane Wollaston-Joury Belmont

I like that Warren’s strength and personality came through, as well as her courage. I wish she were more in charge of this financial mess -- and I hope the president is listening to her.

Karen Angelo / Wilmington

From the first time I saw and heard Warren -- on Bill Moyers Journal, speaking about middle-class poverty and credit -- I have listened to whatever she has had to say. I’m thankful she is among us.

Charles A. Boy Jr. / Everett

What a wonderful story Neil Swidey wrote on Robert Lappin (“The Good Boss,” December 20). If stories like this appeared on the front page of the paper every day, it would truly change the world.

Peg Doyle / Norwood

Thank you for writing about someone who seems to truly deserve a pat on the back for not leaving his employees high and dry. There really is a Santa Claus if you believe -- it resides in good, honest, and hard-working individuals like Lappin.

Virginia Gonzales / Salem, Oregon

Neil Swidey’s piece about Paul Langone (“The Responder,” December 20) was well reported and very well written. Swidey gave readers a vivid picture of what happened that day and the extraordinary behavior of one man. Most of us would have been the man who crashed into the wall. Well done!

Ellen Mahoney / Jacksonville, Florida

What investigation has the Globe initiated regarding the lack of security at MGH and its clinics? This is not the first time the hospital has experienced a violent crime. Several years ago, as a patient there, I was undergoing surgery when my doctor, Brian McGovern, was murdered in a nearby room by a secretary, who then killed herself. The Globe should stop with the “hero” position regarding the killing of an MGH patient, because there are a lot of unanswered questions. Please note, I am not blaming Langone. If I had been in Dr. Astrid Desrosiers’s situation, I also would have thanked Langone. My concerns are about patient safety/security. What was Langone doing with his weapon inside MGH? How has MGH improved its security since the double deaths of several years ago?

Karen L. Hockney / Lynnfield

Happily Ever After

I want to thank Beverly Lessard for her wonderful column (Coupling, December 20). My husband and I celebrated our 32d wedding anniversary on December 26. I was married in my mom’s dress, and, like Lessard, we were happy that the church had already been decorated for the holidays. We had the reception in the church basement, serving Christmas cookies my dad and brother had baked. With postage and photography, I paid just a little more than Lessard’s $150, but the small investment has, like hers, been the best one I have ever made.

Rose Davis / Arlington

I’ve been married for 47 1/2 years, and married when I was 18 and my husband was 21, so I could certainly relate to Lessard’s story. I truly believe the way to a happy, long marriage is to concentrate on the positive and support each other -- and always, always keep your sense of humor.

Diane Pierro / Chelmsford

Lessard’s story is yet another sweet message to “stop and smell the roses.” Thank you for publishing it.

Ron Caouette / Old Orchard Beach, Maine

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