October 18, 2009

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We, the People Charles P. Pierce’s “Crooked and Crookeder,” (September 27) was a great article. I agree that things are better today. However, as long as the House speaker and Senate president wield the power that they do, corruption will continue. Your readers may be interested to know about our citizens’ initiative petition for a constitutional amendment to restore a deliberative, representative democracy on Beacon Hill. is a grass-roots organization not affiliated with any political party or lobbying group. Our mission is to reestablish the democratic process that our framers intended, allowing individual legislators to gain a stronger voice and citizens to gain real representation in government.

Chris McKeown / Westwood

Best Broth What wonderful memories came back to me as I read Adam Ried’s suggestion for using the end of the Parmesan cheese (Cooking, September 27). This is something my maiden Italian aunts, who lived on the first floor of our Victorian home, did regularly. Each Saturday they made a large pot of broth for the week ahead while listening to the Metropolitan Opera. When the broth was complete and the rind was removed, we got to eat it. What a treat! Thank you for reviving that childhood memory. I think I’ll make a pot of soup.

Maryellen Lawler / Amesbury

Talk to Her I want to applaud Robin Abrahams for her advice to the person whose mother gives her the silent treatment (Miss Conduct, September 27). I experienced the same thing as a child and an adult. Sadly, many of us who have been in this situation don’t realize it’s not healthy until someone points it out. As a special-needs teacher for almost 30 years now, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing parents and guardians who love the children they’re raising unconditionally, no matter what these children have done to displease them. The parents’ job is to guide and nurture their children, to love and care for them, and, yes, disagree with them, too.

Laurie Wasserman / Revere

Full Circle I so enjoyed Helen Morissette’s column (Parenting Traps, September 27). I raised two daughters as a single mom, and I now have two grandchildren. When my granddaughter was about 3, my daughter called to complain about how difficult she could be, to which I replied, “Honey, it’s called payback,” and I had a wonderful laugh -- and I do love spoiling them.

Doris Gordon / Boston

The Vanishing I just read Neely Steinberg’s column about men “poofing” (Coupling, September 27). The same thing happened to me about 10 years ago, and as I read, I felt relief knowing it has happened to others. At the time, I felt sad, confused, and frustrated when the guy I was dating seemingly dropped off the face of the earth. Now I can be appreciative -- it freed me to date the man who became my husband.

Patty McPherson / Plymouth

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