Party of one?

Our treasurer’s recent switch will cost him.

By Charles P. Pierce
August 16, 2009

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(This is the first installment in a continuing series containing advice to the prospective candidates in a gubernatorial race about which it’s too early to be writing.)

Dear Tim Cahill: Not to put too fine a point on it, but you’re pretty much done here. I am no political genius, but publicly abandoning the party to which an overwhelming majority of registered Massachusetts voters belong never struck me as the brightest move in the world, but it looks even worse now. Who are your voters? Charlie Baker, the HMO Hamlet, has finally decided to take himself out for a spin, and he’s so smooth he makes Mitt Romney look like a member of Mission of Burma. Then there’s Christy Mihos, the World’s Happiest Human, who also has more money than God’s wealthy uncle. Baker’s sewn up everyone who’s nostalgic for tall Republican governors who get bored with the job and start falling off podiums, as well as all the people who just want someone who can win. Mihos has the undying love and affection of the something-for-nothing talk-show crowd that wonders why we can’t elect someone here who can do everything for Massachusetts that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s done for California. The incumbent’s got practically everyone else. So who’s left out there to vote for a shiny new independent? I suppose if your kids do the ads again, and if they’re eligible to vote this time, that’s something.

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