Dinner with Cupid

A case of deja vu

Something’s familiar here. Can they solve the mystery?

August 9, 2009

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Debra Smigel, 56, Lawyer

Stranded on an island she’d want: crime novels, music, hot coffee (with her soul mate)

Her perfect Saturday: reading the paper, a scenic jog, dinner, and a play

Daniel Ladd, 58, Lawyer, veterinary technician

Stranded on an island he’d want: watermelon, mystery novels, a partner to share it with

His perfect date: canoeing, a picnic lunch, a dip in Walden Pond

7 p.m. Amarin of Thailand, Newton Corner

A Rose Is a Rose . . . Daniel: I went swimming at Walden Pond to calm the nerves.

Debra: I took a long walk around my neighborhood.

Daniel: I was early, so I sat in my car in the parking lot, looking at single women walking by and trying to guess which one might be her.

Debra: I suspected Daniel was my date when he walked in with a beautiful white rose.

Daniel: She had a really nice, sweet, and vaguely familiar face.

Debra: I was very pleased he was attractive and fit. He said I looked familiar.

One Door Down Daniel: The Cupid editor had commented on “eerie similarities” in our applications, and I was looking forward to exploring what those were. My first question for some reason, though, was what her last name was. That changed the whole direction of the evening, when we realized we’d grown up as kids living immediately next door to each other. All my tension evaporated.

Debra: The conversation flowed easily and Daniel was solicitous. He’s a very positive person.

Daniel: I last saw her 40 years ago. As the night went on, her face looked more and more like that teenager.

Debra: I noticed his smile and his warmth.

Daniel: It was just a very easy-flowing conversation, going in and out of many topics. She had a really wonderful, genuine, at-ease way of laughing that made me feel comfortable.

Debra: We’re both attorneys; we both love mystery novels and travel.

Daniel: She actually remembered the name of the cat I had decades ago.

Debra: One event stands out: I told Dan that brown rice is a staple in my diet, and when he ordered, he specifically asked for brown rice. I thought he may have done this as a symbolic gesture.

Daniel: We talked about mention of “sparks” in other Cupid write-ups, and we both felt that on a Cupid date, one couldn’t really expect that. I was more interested in first seeing whether comfortable coziness develops.

Debra: It may be too early to tell about sparks. However, I liked when Dan expanded upon my interests by applying his own life experiences. This showed me a flexibility and a generous spirit.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Daniel: We stayed until the restaurant was starting to close.

Debra: Dan suggested we go for ice cream. I was happy to continue the date.

Daniel: We ended with a hug and exchanged numbers.

Post Mortem Daniel says: A+

Debra says: A-

Second Date Both would like to meet again.


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