Dinner with Cupid

Friends with potential

Two BC grads hit it off -- could it lead to something more?

May 31, 2009
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Natalie Van Kleef, 27, admissions office administrator
She's a catch because: She's fun, kind, smart, and loves adventure.
Her perfect Saturday: Barbecuing and beach time with friends on the Cape, then dressing up for a dinner out

Nathan Lasher, 31, Technology project manager
His perfect date: Hiking, dinner at home, then out for drinks and some live music
He's a catch because: He has a sarcastic sense of humor, is laid-back and open to trying anything.

7 p.m., Sonsie, Back Bay

Early Jitters

Nathan: I got there early and had a drink at the bar. I was a little nervous, but some dude started talking to me and the conversation seemed to take the edge off.

Natalie: I was very nervous -- even the cabdriver noticed. He told me to show up "fashionably late." Too funny.

Nathan: I thought she was very cute. I don't normally notice a girl's hair, but hers stood out (in a positive way).

Natalie: He shook my hand and I pulled him in for a friendly hug. I thought he was handsome and had a warm smile. I broke the ice by saying, "I'm so nervous!" He agreed, and we talked about how this was the first blind date for each of us and how colleagues put us up to it.

Getting Comfortable

Nathan: After being at the table for about a half-hour or so, I could tell we seemed to be getting along well.

Natalie: We both went to Boston College. We discovered other random things in common -- our favorite spots in Boston (the Franklin Cafe and the Parish Cafe) and similar tastes in bands that aren't at all mainstream.

Nathan: There weren't any awkward pauses, and she asked good questions. We seemed to have a lot in common.

Natalie: I think I was initially more outgoing than he was, but his personality seemed to come out as the night progressed.

Nathan: She didn't make any flaky comments, which was a plus. She did ask me about my dating history.It wasn't out of line, by any means, just threw me for a loop.

Keeping It Going

Nathan: After dinner, I suggested we get a drink, so we went to another bar. Things were going well and I was having a good time, so I was willing to stay out.

Natalie: I had just returned from traveling for work, so I was a little tired, but it was nice to continue the night. At the bar, we caught the end of the Celtics-Bulls game. The guy next to us was really getting into it, and he and Nathan were being super funny together. It was nice to see that playful side of him. Overall, it was hard to tell if I like him on a friendship level or otherwise, though.

Nathan: We left the bar and talked about maybe getting together again to see some live music. After we exchanged e-mail addresses, I flagged a cab for her before heading home myself.

Natalie: There was a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I would go out with Nathan again. He e-mailed me the next day and asked me out for the weekend.


Nathan's grade A-

Natalie's grade A-

Second date?

Yup, they're up for it.


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